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Gloria Jeans Cup 1
Gloria Jeans Cup 1

Gloria Jeans Cup

Step into the vibrant world of the Gloria Jeans Cup, where every sip transports you to a delightful coffee paradise. Picture yourself in a cozy café, surrounded by the aroma of freshly brewed beans. As you cradle the exquisite cup in your hands, its glossy surface shimmers with the reflection of your enthusiasm. With each sip, your taste buds embark on a joyous journey, mingling with the rich flavors and velvety textures that only Gloria Jeans Cup can offer. Indulge in this sensory expedition, where the perfect balance of sweetness and intensity elevates your senses and leaves you craving for more.


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    Gloria Jeans Cup
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    Guangdong, China

    Delightfully "Cup-Sational": Joyful Packaging, Stellar Quality 

    Introducing the Gloria Jeans Cup, a customizable advertising inflatable that combines style and quality. Made with durable Oxford cloth and available in a variety of sizes, this cup is perfect for commercial activities, events, and parties. With digital printing and accessories included, this cup will showcase your brand and attract customers wherever it goes.

    ● Customized Inflatable Advertising Solution

    ● Stand Out at Trade Shows

    ● Unleash Advertising Creativity

    ● Affordable Brand Promotion


    Product Display

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    Efficiency, Style, Quality, Convenience

    The Gloria Jeans Cup captivates audiences with its unique and attention-grabbing design, creating an engaging platform for brand promotion.
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    This innovative product can be easily customized to suit any brand or event, making it a versatile tool for marketing campaigns.
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    With its easy setup and lightweight inflatable structure, the Gloria Jeans Cup can be easily transported and displayed at various locations, maximizing brand visibility.
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    Made from high-quality materials, the inflatable cup is built to last, providing businesses with a long-term advertising solution that delivers a strong visual impact.

    Revolutionary Sip, Unmatched Comfort

    The Gloria Jeans Cup is a customized advertising inflatable made from high-quality Oxford cloth. It features digital printing, allowing for customized designs to showcase your brand or event. The inflatable comes with a repair kit for free and can be easily packed in a high-duty PVC tarpaulin bag. It is perfect for various applications such as amusement parks, commercial activities, and entertainment venues. With 10 years of experience in the industry, Ace Inflatables is a reliable partner that guarantees quality products and 24-hour service.

    ◎ Eye-Catching Visuals

    ◎ Lightweight and Durable

    ◎ Reliable and Convenient


    Application Scenario

    Gloria Jeans Cup Parade
    In this application scenario, Advertising Inflatables are used to create a lively and dynamic parade atmosphere surrounding the Gloria Jeans Cup venue. These eye-catching inflatables feature the Gloria Jeans Cup logo and branding, attracting the attention of passersby and generating excitement.
    Inflatable Seating Area
    By utilizing Advertising Inflatables, a comfortable and branded seating area is created for spectators at the Gloria Jeans Cup. These inflatables provide a unique and eye-catching seating arrangement, enhancing the spectator experience and increasing brand visibility.
    Inflatable Archway Entrance
    The Gloria Jeans Cup venue can be marked with a grand and branded entrance created by Advertising Inflatables. These inflatables form an impressive archway, featuring the Gloria Jeans Cup logo and branding, inviting attendees into the event and leaving a lasting impression.
    Inflatable Mascots
    To add a touch of fun and engagement to the Gloria Jeans Cup, Advertising Inflatables in the shape of mascots can be placed around the venue. These inflatable mascots featuring the Gloria Jeans Cup logo and branding act as attention-grabbing attractions, creating a memorable experience for attendees.

    Material Introduction

    Introducing the Gloria Jeans Cup, an advertising inflatable product designed to showcase your brand and event to maximum effect! With our customized design and digital printing options, you can create a unique and eye-catching display that will capture the attention of customers. Made from high-quality Oxford cloth material, this inflatable cup is durable and long-lasting. It comes with a repair kit for free and can be easily packed and transported using the provided PVC tarpaulin bags. Stand out from the crowd and attract customers with the Gloria Jeans Cup, the perfect advertising solution for amusement parks, commercial activities, and events.

    ◎ Durable 

    ◎ Customizable

    ◎ Portable



    What is the Gloria Jeans Cup?
    The Gloria Jeans Cup is a prestigious international coffee competition that brings together baristas from around the world to showcase their skills and creativity in crafting exceptional coffee beverages.
    How can I participate in the Gloria Jeans Cup?
    To participate in the Gloria Jeans Cup, aspiring baristas must go through a rigorous selection process within their respective countries. The national winners then compete at the global level, representing their country in this prestigious coffee competition.
    What are the different categories of competition in the Gloria Jeans Cup?
    The Gloria Jeans Cup comprises various categories of competition, including Latte Art, Espresso, Brew Bar, and Coffee Cocktail. Each category focuses on different aspects of coffee preparation, allowing baristas to showcase their expertise in different techniques.
    How are the winners of the Gloria Jeans Cup determined?
    The winners of the Gloria Jeans Cup are determined by a panel of highly-qualified judges who evaluate the baristas' performances based on specific criteria related to taste, presentation, technical skills, and creativity. The barista with the highest score is crowned the champion in their respective category.
    What are the benefits of participating in the Gloria Jeans Cup?
    Participating in the Gloria Jeans Cup provides baristas with an invaluable platform to showcase their talent on an international stage. It offers opportunities for networking, exposure, and recognition within the global coffee community, elevating their careers and opening doors to new professional endeavors.
    Can I attend the Gloria Jeans Cup as a spectator?
    Yes, the Gloria Jeans Cup welcomes spectators who are passionate about coffee and eager to witness the impressive skills and creativity of baristas from around the world. Attending as a spectator allows you to immerse yourself in the vibrant coffee culture and gain inspiration from the industry's top talents.
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