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Inflatable Park

ACE inflatable park has two kinds, inflatable water park and inflatable theme park.

Inflatable water park is used in water like ocean, pool, lake. It is air tight type, is inflated by air pump.Inflatable theme park is used in land, it is very big and can be customized. 

The inflatable theme park is inflated by air blower, and has many elements that can be combined together. Inflatable theme parks can be set up indoors or outdoors and typically offer a range of inflatable structures, games, and activities.We use high quality 0.6mm or 0.9mm pvc tarpaulin material which is durable, waterproof. 

Here are some common features found in inflatable parks:

Inflatable Obstacle Courses

Inflatable bouncers

Inflatable Slides

Inflatable Characters

Sales products

Ace inflatable product manufacturer. We focus on high-end design and manufacturing, specializing in the production of various commercial inflatable products, including various themed inflatable water parks and inflatable theme parks, etc. Use high-quality 0.6mm or 0.9mm pvc tarpaulin material, durable and waterproof.

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About Ace inflatables

Ace inflatables established in 2008, located in Guangzhou China, is a professional inflatables manufacturer specialized in designing, and producing all kinds of inflatables.With successful case of inflatable theme park , inflatable 5K obstacle course, inflatable water park, giant inflatable event tent, ace inflatables has more and more business on giant inflatables.

Ace inflatables Ltd is the only factory in China which has 2 PIPA inspectors, can test each inflatable games according to EN-14960 standard and issue PIPA inspection report.

♦ 3 factories in China

♦ Total factory area is 10000+ m²

♦ Have100+ workers now

oEM/ODM/Customized Service-aCE

Ace is a professional custom inflatable product manufacturer with 15 years of experience in high-end inflatable product manufacturing.

We provide services for giant inflatable theme parks, inflatable water parks, inflatable 5K obstacles. From style, material to color, every detail is perfectly customized to reflect your unique personality and brand image. At the same time, Ace Inflatables launches more than 100 innovative designs every year, showing our dedication to creativity and leading the industry trends

Professional service team

Provide one-stop solution

Support customization, provide free design solutions

OEM/ODM service

Perfect production management system

Professional after-sales service, if you have any problems with the product, please feel free to contact us.

Professional sales and production team, focusing on solving problems for customers

Professional factory production, preferential prices


One-stop service integrating design, production, delivery, and after-sales service.We have three factories that produce sewn and sealed inflatable products, guaranteeing timely delivery and ensuring your project is executed smoothly and efficiently.

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EN-14960 certificate
In June 2018, Ace Inflatables proudly joined the ranks as an accredited inspection body for RPII. This prestigious milestone solidified our commitment to excellence and safety in the world of inflatables, ensuring that our products meet the highest standards of quality and reliability. Step into the future with confidence – because at Ace Inflatables, safety is our top priority
ace inflatables manufacturer certificate
inflatables manufacturer certificate
At Ace Inflatables Ltd, we pride ourselves on being the pioneers in safety and quality assurance. We stand out as the sole factory in China equipped with not just one, but two esteemed RPII inspectors. These seasoned professionals aren't just figures on paper – our production manager and QC manager boast over a decade of experience in the industry. 
They've dedicated years to ensuring that our products adhere to the rigorous standards set by EN14960-2013, long before receiving their official certification. Every step of the way, from meticulous checks during production to thorough inspections before shipping, they leave no stone unturned. With their expertise at the helm, you can trust that every Ace Inflatables creation is built to thrill and built to last
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